Payroll processing:

PROFESSIONALISM  Thanks to 15 Years of experience and grow we offer high level of services.

WAGE SLIPS AND PRIVACY  Descreet pay slip for even better data privacy.

INSTITUTIONS AND INSPECTIONS  Communication and representation in front of institutions, inspections. Full responsibility for accuracy.

BANK ORDERS  Bank orders for wages, insurance and taxes with full support of internetbanking.

COMMUNICATION AND DATA  Modern forms of communication allows us to service clients around the Czech republic.

Overview of services:

    I. Personal agenda

  • - evidence of employee attendance
  • - reporting new employees to SSZ and health insurance co.
  • - managing old age pension scheme
  • - obligatory reports to employment bureau, ZPS, Čes. Kooperativa

    II. Payroll processing

  • - calculating income tax return
  • - calculating social insurance,
  • - calculating health insurance,
  • - calculating sickness pay and other benefits,
  • - processing earnigs record,
  • - reporting to health insurance companies and administration of social security
  • - reporting statements to revenue office and employment bureau
  • - written and phone contact with institutions
  • - archiving data

    III. Monthly print and electronic outputs

  • - processing and sending printout arrangements
  • - employees payslips
  • - electronic export data

    IV. Monthly payments

  • - transfer of wages via internet banking
  • - payments to OSSZ, health insurance comp., FÚ, Čes. Kooperativa
  • - payments of employee deductions (pension insurance, distraints/debts,..)

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