Payroll & Accounting for small firms:

Good deal for small firms - payroll processing and financial accounting from one business partner, for good price. We offer reliability and comfort partnership for your business administration.

INPUT DATA SUPERVISION  Audit of input data, taxable items.

VAT AGENDA  Management of VAT agenda, regular tax returns (road tax, real estate tax and other taxes).

PAYROL PROCESSING  Complete management of payroll and personal agenda, obligatory reports to institutions, payment of insurance and taxes, data archiving..

INSTITUTIONS AND INSPECTIONS  Communication and representation in front of institutions, inspections. Full responsibility for accuracy.

CUSTOM REPORTS  Accounting reports, manager analyses, monitoring payments.

RANGE OF SERVICES  Other services included - tax advice, audit preparation, data reconstruction.

Overview of services: Accounting

  • - set up the accounting processes for new established company
  • - registration of a client at respective institutions
  • - definition of accounting directives
  • - actual book keeping or tax evidence for small and medium sized companies
  • - processing of accounting documents on PC, including printouts
  • - undertaking complete accounting documentation and initial standings of existing company
  • - actual entry of statements of costs and profits, settling the balances
  • - management of VAT agenda, calculation of tax return
  • - book keeping of tax documents
  • - book keeping of invoices and monitoring of payments
  • - issuing and printing invoices
  • - cash management on PC according to client's data
  • - closing of books
  • - tax return (legal entity income tax)
  • - tax return ( road tax and other taxes)
  • - mandatory appendixes (balance sheet, respective reports)
  • - complete printout of prescribed book keeping outputs (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, tax report)
  • - statistical returns, reports for health insurance companies and social security administration
  • - economic analyses, charts, other reports

Overview of services: Payroll processing

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